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The discoverability of your website is crucial to its success, so you should conduct an SEO audit to ensure that your customer base can quickly and easily find your business when they search online.

Is your website pages away from being discovered via search? Or maybe you want to boost your website’s search ranking to the top spots on Google. Run your free SEO audit in the form below.

Analyze Your Site’s SEO for Free

Keeping your pages in check can be tedious, but luckily knowing what needs to be improved is a fast and free process thanks to RunningSEO, a free SEO analyzer that scans your site and provides improvement recommendations in seconds. Run your professional-grade SEO audit for free to analyze your site’s optimization now.

Free SEO Analyzer and Audit Tool

No matter how much you need to scale the search listings in Google, you won’t be able to plan your next steps unless you conduct an SEO audit to improve search rankings. We’ve created this free SEO audit guide to help you improve your search ranking.

How to improve your website following an SEO audit

If your SEO score was disappointing, don’t fret. It’s a common problem. So many businesses with top-rated products and services have difficulty gaining new customers online simply because their website isn’t primed for people to find them.

What is the best way to boost your search rankings? Hire a professional consultant to conduct an SEO audit and spend your time and effort excelling at running your business and engaging with clientele.

Alternatively, you can use this professional SEO audit guide with a process-driven SEO plan to improve your SEO.

Preparing for an SEO audit

It’s difficult to do good SEO and marketing work without knowing about your organization’s goals, customers, and other existing marketing efforts.

A solid professional SEO firm will want to know about you, your business, and your goals. That way, when they conduct your SEO and corresponding technical website audits, they’ll know how your customers search for and your website currently and determine how to improve their experience.

Technical website and SEO audit process

For existing websites, we’ll begin with a review of your site content, structure, and a preliminary technical audit with various automated tools. Our expert website services complement your existing work. For new websites, we’ll look to learn from what your competitors do best and how they’re reaching customers.

We’ll list out all areas that need improvement and prioritize each improvement according to what will provide you with the most value for your dollar.

A carefully-crafted SEO audit structure will detail:

  • The issue (for example, bad user experience, not mobile-friendly, no structured data, no internal linking, duplicate meta titles and descriptions, and non-optimized content).
  • The suggested improvement (like updating and optimizing content, improving site structure & navigation). This includes technical advice on website development (for example, SSL, hosting, redirects, error pages, and use of JavaScript). We may need to discuss any potential technical restraints.
  • An estimate on the overall investment. This includes details about the time, energy, or money for us to implement the improvements and for Google Search and searchers and customers to recognize the improvements.
  • Estimated positive business impact. The impact may be a ranking improvement that leads to more conversions or a backend change that cleans up the site and helps your brand be more agile in the future.
  • A plan on iterating and improving the implementation (or how to experiment and fail fast should results not meet expectations).

Hire a professional to conduct a technical SEO audit of your site

So, why should I hire an SEO expert to conduct an SEO audit?

SEO experts can conduct a thorough technical website and SEO audit and walk you through recommendations to develop an action plan customized to your business goals, needs, and budget.

You can hire a professional SEO firm to conduct an SEO audit anytime and in any capacity.

As a rule of thumb and for achieving the best results, the more love your website SEO needs, the more you should consider investing in a website redesign or a whole new website built with SEO in mind from the start.

How much does a professional SEO audit cost?

Typically, a simple SEO audit using automation and AI-powered tools would take an estimated 4-9 hours, ranging from $800 to $3,000. A more in-depth SEO audit involving Expert Heuristics Evaluation and a deep dive into analytics and user flow would range from $6,000 to $18,000, depending on the website and amount of work involved, with a range of 12-80 hours. For hourly SEO, you can expect to pay an average of $100-200 per hour for a subject matter expert.

Need a professional SEO audit?

We know Google, so Google knows our sites. To ensure maximum ROI for our clients, Key Medium follows Google’s recommended SEO audit process and always aligns business objectives and SEO recommendations with Google’s best practices.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation to learn more about how to improve your ranking today.

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This SEO audit guide was updated on October 14, to provide you with the latest, highest-quality SEO audit possible.

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