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Key Medium transforms your website into a unique experience that spotlights your brand and drives interest, action, and advocacy.

Your website is a declaration of who you are, what you believe, and what you have to offer. This fact is our guiding principle.

From discovery to development and design to digital strategy, we understand that your website is more than just business, it’s personal. That’s why here at Key Medium, we’re proud to offer top-notch website development and design services that are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

We know you’re one-of-a-kind, so our creative process is built around getting to know you. So let’s get started.

Our Creative Process and Approach

Here’s what to expect when you partner with us. We solve problems through design thinking, lean, and agile methodlogy–and give website creation a personal touch by:

1. Getting to know you.

Our discovery process is designed to help us understand the needs of your organization, the problems you’re seeking to solve, and the special characteristics of your company that will serve as the building blocks of your brand and set you apart from the rest.

2. Pinpointing your goals.

Your organization is unlike any other, and your goals will be, too. Through a series of meetings, we’ll work with you one-on-one to create a series of goals you’re looking to reach with your new website. Your goals will be our focus in every step of our creative process.

3. Bringing your vision to life.

All of the great insights you provide to us in our initial meetings give us the ability to take a goal-based approach to the structure, functionality, and look and feel of your website. We’ll build your website with the latest features available to serve your business needs.

4. Staying in touch.

Communication is key to a successful partnership no matter what the project. We’ll provide updates throughout the design and development process and welcome your feedback at any time. If you have an idea you’d love us to implement, you can let us know, no matter where we are during your website’s creation.

5. Setting you up for success.

We want you to to make the most out of your new website. Once it’s complete, we’ll walk you through it, page by page. By fully understanding its features and functionality, your website can serve as a central hub for all of your engagement, conversion, and retention initiatives.

Creative Brand Consulting Services

Our Team

Digital Development and Creative Agency President


Founder & Lead Developer

Ali has been building dazzling websites and creating amazing online experiences for more than a decade. His mastery of the latest innovations in web development results in world-class website experiences set apart by show-stopping style and seamless functionality. A Google Mobile Sites and Google Analytics qualified individual and award-winning web development guru, Ali lends his talents to build and bolster digital experiences for a wide array of clients like J&J, DonorPerfect, NJ Department of Agriculture, and more.

Both a proud sponsor and contributor to the open-source framework Materialize CSS, Ali is extremely active in the development community and in the community through Coding For Causes. As an internet entrepreneur, Ali’s experiences building, selling, and acquiring online businesses and websites provided him with the unique opportunity of working with top web developers and designers. He leveraged these relationships to create an online niche community of nearly 40,000 users, featuring hundreds of graphic design contests from around the world, during his teenage years.

After single-handedly building an online video platform in 2005, Ali pioneered the use of video by successfully encouraging thousands of user-generated video uploads that garnered millions of views. His pre-YouTube video platform has resulted in viral videos some still enjoy today.

Ali’s passion for technology and innovation fuels his work as founder of award-winning Philadelphia-based digital agency Key Medium, which has won over fifty awards in international creative competitions in many categories like: Environmental Awareness, User Experience, Mobile Information Experience, and more. Some Key Medium clients include The Public Interest Law Center, Philadelphia Works, Navigate PEO, Bicycle Coaltion of Greater Philadelphia, and previously–Johnson & Johnson’s Open&Out Ally, a global network and employee resource group of LGBTQ+ allies.

Creative content writer and marketing copywriter


Senior Creative Copywriter

Elaine is a professional editor at a not-for-profit educational institution’s learning and innovation division and holds a Master’s degree in English Literature. She is also a former marketing agency content writer where she wrote articles for disparate clients using SEO best practice.

She is a dual British and American citizen (with a generic American accent) and has a love of people, travel, reading, writing, food, ballet, theatre, and cultures. She enjoyed her childhood in the north of England, near the rolling green Pennines; for her later years, she relocated to sunny palm-tree-laden Florida then moved to the deep-South Bible belt of Georgia where she spent most of her formative years with a stint in her late 20s in Bavaria in Germany and then back to the US and England.

Elaine brings new ideas and compelling, sales-enabling creative content development to the Key Medium team through her diverse background and expertise in working with several B2B marketing agencies, six higher education institutions, as well as the Department of Defense as an educational aid on several projects.

Senior Creative Branding Identity Design and Web Design expert consultant photo


Senior Creative Consultant

From Fortune 500 companies and household brands to buzzy startups and small business, Erkan has been delivering creative design to organizations of all kinds for over a decade. His expertise in conceptual branding, print design, digital layouts, and packaging design provides his clients with a memorable look and feel that reflects who their customers are and who they aspire to be.

Erkan’s clients include Destination Maternity, Cigna, Boscov’s Optical, Hudson’s Bay Optical, Saks Fifth Avenue Optical Boutique, Army and Air Force Exchange Optical Center, Airgas, Northstar New Jersey Lottery, Bosha Design+Communications, Johnson & Johnson’s Gateway to a Healthy Community Initiative, Princeton Partners Strategic Branding Agency, AARP, Haddon House Foods, Blanco America, Alhambra Guitars (Hoshino USA), and more recently- Destination Maternity.

Erkan’s passion for design fuels his work as Senior Creative Consultant for the award-winning, Philadelphia-based digital agency Key Medium. He supports mentoring and gives guidance to creative design and development ranging from high-fidelity prototypes to strategic branding- such as the brand he designed for the Public Interest Law Center for Grounded in Philly to support the Garden Justice Legal Intitiative.

Project management and strategic communications consultant


Strategic Communications and Outreach Consultant

Will is a Communications and Outreach consultant with experience in working with cultural heritage projects and non-profit operations. His past work has included positions at Global Philadelphia, the World Heritage City Project, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. During his career he has worked with over 140 nonprofits nationally and in the Greater Philadelphia area. He has also been a part of projects like saving the Sigma Sound Studios building and currently The John Coltrane House. He holds an MA in International Relations from Kings College London and did his Undergraduate degree at the University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Dr. Feras Klenk

Dr. Feras

Junior Customer Experience Consultant

Feras is a design researcher and ethnographer with over 6 years of fieldwork experience conducting international research in Europe and the Middle East. He has the proven expertise in translating human experience into actionable insights for design and innovation. He holds a PhD in the Social Sciences and is interested in the questions of economic development, entrepreneurship, and labor precarity.

Chief Happiness Officer


Chief Happiness Officer

Our founder Ali’s pride and joy, Layla is Key Medium’s sassy yet loveable mascot. A 24/7 lapdog with a love of city strolls, Layla brings laughs, cuddles, fur, and fun to our workspace.

Coding For Causes

Our Commitment to Social Good

At Key Medium, giving back is in our company’s DNA. We dedicate a portion of our time and resources to create websites for awesome causes. We’re currently offering the following opportunities:

2021 Key Medium Grant for Nonprofit Organizations

Learn how to apply

Key Medium Partners

From a Fortune 500 creative consultant to cutting edge open-source technology, our partners, sponsorship recipients, and free online resources give us the unique opportunity to collaborate, inspire, and expand with fellow technology experts working toward the next big thing.

Our Strategic Partners
Award-Winning Agency in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Ali Jaffar October 3, 2021

Towards Goodness and a Future of Humanness

Philadelphia, PA, : Key Medium is committed to making a difference in our community--read our thinking behind how we are implementing lasting change towards goodness.

A demonstration of compassion, of deeper human connection–is what we collectively must work towards if we are to realize the potential of our collective genius. Our ability to collaborate to tackle the world’s greatest challenges depends on it, and our environment is not waiting for the elections. From systemic racism, global warming, AI and data ethics, to warmongering foreign policy and the ever-changing pace of change, humanity is at an inflection point.

Towards Goodness & a Future of Humanness
Ali Jaffar, CEO of Key Medium, shares his thoughts on the future