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Mobile-First, Digital Transformation Services for Philadelphia Works
Branding agency services: identity, experience design, web development, and SEO in Philadelphia
Nonprofit Website Design and Branding for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
Government Website Development Case Study

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Our mission is to equip nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and businesses with the tools they need to grow their networks online. Explore key information to empower research, learn, and implement actions that will support your unique goals towards transformation.

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Home Ali Jaffar October 3, 2021

Towards Goodness and a Future of Humanness

Philadelphia, PA, : Key Medium is committed to making a difference in our community--read our thinking behind how we are implementing lasting change towards goodness.

A demonstration of compassion, of deeper human connection–is what we collectively must work towards if we are to realize the potential of our collective genius. Our ability to collaborate to tackle the world’s greatest challenges depends on it, and our environment is not waiting for the elections. From systemic racism, global warming, AI and data ethics, to warmongering foreign policy and the ever-changing pace of change, humanity is at an inflection point.

Towards Goodness & a Future of Humanness
Ali Jaffar, CEO of Key Medium, shares his thoughts on the future