Mobile-first website design for an anti-vaping campaign for youths in New Jersey

Read how a State Department of Health was able to raise awareness of--and encourage youths towards cessation of smoking and vaping.

The campaign was launched by the State Government’s Department of Health in partnership with The Public Good Projects, supported by county partners and youth prevention networks. The idea behind the website was to create a social platform to launch an anti-vaping public health campaign towards cessation of both vaping and smoking. The idea was to create an open discussion about the deleterious health effects of vaping and smoking, those young persons may not know.

The problem

Since this project was a new website creation and not an update or redevelopment, the technical SEO aspects, schema markup, and website structuring were not problematic–as they could be developed brand-new without glitches by Key Medium; however, the website needed to be appealing to its target audience, encouraging cessation of smoking and vaping amongst young people. 

The solution

Key Medium created a seamless digital experience, enabling dozens of teens to submit their comments, which were displayed on the website without bias with a Key Medium technology to further enhance engagement without filtration. The platform has showcased social proof points, eliciting deep engagement and moving towards the intended goal of getting young people to think about the health effects of vaping and smoking alike.

The fun, colorful graphic-heavy single-page design creates a unique web experience of the audience and the unfiltered feed allows for young people to have a conversation and consider other opinions and points of view. 

Web Analytics, Analysis, and Data Science

Key Medium configured Google Tag Manager and developed and set up a Google Data Studio dashboard to gauge ad spend along with easy-to-understand presentations of website analytics, creating a unified view of the entire experience and the campaign touchpoints. The data science allowed the organizers to understand the campaign’s effectiveness and ROI in real-time.

Design Strategy and User Experience

Key Medium conducted and led design thinking workshops, allowing for a design sprint to prototype a solution prior to design and development. 

We facilitated three rounds of usability studies and testing, starting with a design in conjunction with our Agency partner with a wireframe for round one.

Round two included supporting the creative process and usability study with a clickable prototype.

And the final round three, showcased the full-functional website with 15 users in total in the aggregate study, with a continual design iteration and resolution to correct any usability issues and implement improvements.

Towards the end of the campaign, we implemented a website widget using Net Qualified using the social proof principle. See the results generated by the widget below. 

Digital Development

Finally, we developed a social platform, promoting an evidence-based anti-vaping public health campaign where teens could submit their comments. The comments were displayed directly on the website. 

Platinum award-winning website
The Incorruptible website

The results

Here are the results so far.

  • Dozens of youths voiced their opinions on the site
  • The website overall reached over 21,000 unique website visitors
  • While the campaign generated millions of impressions, the website reached over 30,000 highly-engaged page views, mostly on mobile devices
  • The organizers can still view data in real-time through a tailored performance dashboard.
  • The website won the highest honors in an international creative competition–a Platinum award for Mobile Information Experience by MarComm by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals
  • Results with social proof (Net Qualified case study):
    • The website widget achieved 2,500+ impressions
    • Engagement rate increased by 3.4%
Marketing Communications Platinum Award

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