Should You Really Hire an Advertising Agency?

Advertising in Google is important. If you do it yourself you’ll quickly discover the hidden benefits of running ads on your own – whether it’s for your startup, small business, or nonprofit organization.

In using AdWords for your business, you are forced to conduct competitive research. Google has a plethora of business intelligence – publicly accessible if you have a Google AdWords account.

Google always has some kind of promotional coupons available by the way! We’ve included a free $75 AdWords coupon below – just for you to amplify your organization’s marketing budget.

If you’re a larger organization, consider connecting with us to see how we can work to improve your organization.

Use the Keyword Planner – a Research Tool

Plug in keywords that you think have high intent behind them. Add your website. Right away, you’ll likely get a bunch of different keywords – along with things like average monthly searches, competition on a scale of 0 to 1 (1 being the highest).

AdWords Keyword Planner AdWords Keyword Planner

Advertise with Your #1 Key Performance Indicator in Mind – Sales (or Donations for Nonprofits)

In targetting prospects for your organization’s marketing campaign, you should focus on keywords with high purchase intent. Take your time and digest the results from Google’s Keyword Planner.

Theme-split Keywords into AdGroups

Google will automatically recommend AdGroup ideas. It’s up to you to determine if they are high in purchase intent, or not. By theme-splitting, you can determine which keywords to increase your bid on (with a manual strategy).

Experiment with Smart Bidding

If your budget allows for it – you can utilize AdWords Smart Bidding. This allows Google to increase or decrease bidding based on their AI.

Automated bidding takes the heavy lifting and guesswork out of setting bids to meet your performance goals. Each type of automated bid strategy is designed to help you achieve a specific goal for your business. This article outlines the 6 different types of automated bid strategies and when to use them.1

Various types of automated bid strategies are available, and they are based on these goals:

  • Increase site visits.
  • Increase visibility on the first page of Google search results or in the top positions.
  • Get more visibility over other domains.
  • Get more conversions with your target CPA.
  • Increase conversions while staying in control of your keyword bids.
  • Meet a target return on ad spend (ROAS) when you value each conversion differently.
  • Get more conversions while spending your budget.

2018 AdWords Coupon

Use your $75 AdWords coupon to get started with advertising on Google and to determine what your budget will be. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

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1 Google