Digital Design Intern Spotlight

Digital Design Intern Interview with Destiny Simmons

We interviewed our newest team member and first-ever Digital Design Intern. We used this interview as a chance to welcome Destiny to the Team, and to the world. Check out her interview below – she’s up to something here with us.

1. Where do you go to school?

Hussian College in Philadelphia

2. What are you studying?

I am studying graphic design, and UI/UX.

3.Why are you studying that subject?

I am studying graphic design and UI/UX because I love designing and creating. The psychology behind design and the various things it’s used for fascinates me. I want to brand packages or design effective websites. When people find my designs effective and meaningful, I will feel satisfied. Learning how to make those types of designs is my goal.

4.What’s been your favorite college course so far?

My favorite college course right now in college would probably be the coding classes. I have a lot of fun trying to figure out how to solve problems in my faulty code. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of time but I love seeing my designs come to life.

5.What is your role at Key Medium?

Digital Design Intern

6.Do you have any secret talents?

I wouldn’t call it a secret talent, but more of a skill that I build on from time to time. A skill many people may not know that I have is music production. My favorite DAW is Ableton Live. When I have the time to produce, I usually do it for my friends. I love learning various things. Music is one of my favorite things, so I feel as though learning how to use a DAW was inevitable. My first uses of a DAW was with very amateur programs like MusicShake and Garage Band. Embarrassingly, I still possess my MusicShake library.

7.What’s a favorite hobby or pastime of yours?

My favorite hobby is of course, creating things. I love trying to get better at any art. Not only that but I love to sleep.

8.What’s your dream job?

My dream job is maybe two things. Firstly, I want to be a graphic designer at a nice and comfy firm. Working in Philly or New York would be my preference. I want to be awesome at it too. My second dream job is teaching. I want to teach English in Japan, or teach some type of art or coding in Philly. Preferably in an underprivileged neighborhood.

9.What would you like to learn during your internship?

Learning how to design better is the main thing I want to learn. Coding better is also something I would like to learn how to do. I also want to know how to translate a client’s wants into a design better. Giving a client something they need rather than want is something I’d also like to learn how to do. I want to solve their problems – stylishly. Being a digital design intern here with Key Medium will definitely help me towards those goals. As a digital design intern I’m looking forward to learning more about web design and graphic design here with the team.

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