Key Medium’s 9-Week UX Internship Program “an amazing internship!”

Firstly, I want to thank Destiny for pairing with Surabhi to make her 9-week User Experience Research/Design experience the highest-quality experience for a new virtual internship program we invented–during the public health crisis. I also want to call out the daily check-ins we’ve had which always started with “mindset checks” in order to promote mental health, build trust, align on needs, remove roadblocks/challenges, and share ideas and report on progress.

It’s been a learning experience for myself, Destiny, and of course our first-ever full-time intern, Surabhi. Watch the video interview to hear about her 3 certifications achieved from Google & SEMRush, the hands-on learning experienced through project-based design work for internal and some client projects, and see Surabhi’s Internship User Journey Map–her final project with Key Medium! You can also find Surabhi’s first-week intern spotlight here where she detailed her top 5 learning objectives which influenced the type of work she contributed to and the learnings attained.

Surabhi’s short story before starting the Internship with Key Medium

I believe, finding an internship and finally getting one is like doing UX Research. It is a roller coaster ride, especially in such a time where the world is facing pandemic. I wanted to work in a company that gives me an opportunity to work both in UX and UI. While researching, I came across Key Medium’s website. I applied here as I saw this message ‘We’re always looking to add talent to our team of web experts’ and also I saw their work and design process. Hence, I contacted Ali. I must say that I’m fortunate and very grateful to receive this opportunity in such uncertain times and being an International Student makes it more difficult. After a month of conversation with Ali, I got the internship. See my 9-week journey’s experience.

Surabhi’s Internship Experience as a User Journey Map

User Journey Map prepared by former UX Research/Design intern Surabhi Shroff

Interview Questions:

  1. Why was Key Medium the place you wanted to intern?
  2. What has surprised you about your 9-week UX internship experience?
  3. Can you tell us about your happiest moment at work?
  4. What are a few projects you worked on that you really enjoyed? Why?
  5. What type of support did you get in your internship?
  6. You had previously outlined your five learning objectives at the outset of the internship. Specifically, which skills or abilities did you cultivate at Key Medium? Did you achieve any new certifications?
  7. Would you encourage other students to apply for internships at Key Medium?
  8. Can you give future interns some advice for a successful internship experience?
  9. Your final project involved creating a user journey map for your internship experience. Please share it and let me know any last thoughts you may have!