Website Redesign vs Rebuild

The average lifespan of a well-designed and structured website is anywhere from three to seven years. The decision to redesign shouldn’t be taken lightly and shouldn’t be done on a whim to follow the latest trends. Redesigning and rebuilding your website to ensure it’s in top form can be the best investment you make; however, the bottom line is that redesigns and rebuilds are expensive. Let’s take a look at redesign vs rebuild: which is better value for money and which will get you long-term results.

Elaine Frieman

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Why Web Design Matters For Purpose-Driven Organizations

It is critical to the very survival of purpose-driven organizations to meaningfully engage potential donors and constituents, but many purpose-driven organizations find themselves lacking adequate resources to do so.

Leah Bury

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Key Medium Named 2019 Local Excellence Award Winner in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, : Key Medium honored by UpCity as one of the top 20 service providers in Philadelphia.

Exclusive websites created by Key Medium have succeeded in confirming the results delivered to clients, verified by third-party testinomial. And, hence Key Medium gets a prestigious honor with the recognition for Local Excellence in B2B marketing in Philadelphia. Along with this, digital marketing and SEO services offered by the firm are soon expected to top the list of the best digital marketing agencies of the world.

Top B2B Marketing Agency in Philadelphia
Philadelphia SEO, Website, and Branding Design Agency receives Local Excellence Award in 2019