Website Redesign vs Rebuild

The average lifespan of a well-designed and structured website is anywhere from three to seven years. The decision to redesign shouldn’t be taken lightly and shouldn’t be done on a whim to follow the latest trends. Redesigning and rebuilding your website to ensure it’s in top form can be the best investment you make; however, the bottom line is that redesigns and rebuilds are expensive. Let’s take a look at redesign vs rebuild: which is better value for money and which will get you long-term results.

Elaine Frieman

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Why Web Design Matters For Purpose-Driven Organizations

It is critical to the very survival of purpose-driven organizations to meaningfully engage potential donors and constituents, but many purpose-driven organizations find themselves lacking adequate resources to do so.

Leah Bury

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Towards Goodness and a Future of Humanness

Philadelphia, PA, : Key Medium is committed to making a difference in our community--read our thinking behind how we are implementing lasting change towards goodness.

A demonstration of compassion, of deeper human connection–is what we collectively must work towards if we are to realize the potential of our collective genius. Our ability to collaborate to tackle the world’s greatest challenges depends on it, and our environment is not waiting for the elections. From systemic racism, global warming, AI and data ethics, to warmongering foreign policy and the ever-changing pace of change, humanity is at an inflection point.

Towards Goodness & a Future of Humanness
Ali Jaffar, CEO of Key Medium, shares his thoughts on the future