Towards Goodness and a Future of Humanness

A demonstration of compassion, of deeper human connection–is what we collectively must work towards if we are to realize the potential of our collective genius. Our ability to collaborate to tackle the world’s greatest challenges depends on it, and our environment is not waiting on politicians.

Ali Jaffar

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The benefits of collaborative brainstorming using design thinking to foster innovation and lasting impact

Want lasting impact for your organization? Here’s how to employ design thinking and collaborative brainstorming. Find out how these can keep your business current and ensure your design is always user-centric.

Elaine Frieman

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What it means to foster an ecosystem of co-creation that excels in promoting innovation

Philadelphia, PA, : The landscape of the modern workplace has been changing drastically in recent years. Not just with the trials brought by the pandemic, work environments now have several issues affecting the individual brought to the forefront, whether through equity, inclusion, mental health awareness, or quality of life.

To address problems like these (and more) facing the world today, focus must be given to fostering innovation.

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Innoation article showing people collaborating and sharing important ideas