Micro vs Macro Conversions

Ultimately, a conversion translates into a sale. You should know that here are two main types of conversions: micro and macro. We’ll get into the definitions later, but it’s important to understand that in the early days of web design, a ‘successful’ website was measured by the numbers of ‘hits.’ But, what we know today is that you may have one million unique views per day, but if no one is converting or buying your product and–by extension–you don’t know how they are converting or buying your product or service, then you’re missing the largest piece of the puzzle.

Elaine Frieman

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Pennsylvania’s ‘Key Medium’ Gets Established as a Top Web Development Company For Its Exclusive Websites

Philadelphia, PA, : Creative digital agency Key Medium ranked as Top Web Development Company in Pennsylvania by Washington-DC based B2B research company GoodFirms

Friendly websites created by Key Medium have succeeded in alluring GoodFirms. And, hence Key Medium gets a prestigious honor with the title of top web development agency in Pennsylvania. Along with this, digital marketing and SEO services offered by the firm are soon expected to top the list of the best digital marketing agencies of the world.

How are we the best web development company?
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