KeyVideo™ Marketing Platform

The 1st Video Marketing Platform That's Designed to Delight & Engineered to Produce Results

KeyVideo™ Helps You
Tell Your Brand's Story

Storytelling isn’t just some marketing buzzword. Storytelling is the main way humans have evolved to build trust and communicate ideas. The most successful global brands understand two things about storytelling:

  1. Stories get past people’s personal advertising censors
  2. Videos are the most efficient ways to build trust and tell a story

KeyVideo™ makes sure you are back in control of your brand’s story. Stop just posting content and hoping that people find their way into your funnel. Use KeyVideo™ to construct powerful stories that you can track and monetize. Know exactly who is watching your content and capture their contact information.

The KeyVideo™ Suite of Features

KeyVideo™ gives you the power to:

  1. Create In-Video Calls-to Action
  2. Create branded video microsites
  3. Analyze customer and prospect data with our Analytics Dashboard
  4. Offer Dynamic Content Suggestions to keep visitors on your site engaged
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