My First Week as a UX Design Intern: Embracing Key Medium’s Core Values

UX Design Intern Talia Coeshott completed her first week at Key Medium, immersing herself in user-centric designs and the team’s collaborative spirit. Beyond mastering tools and processes, she delved into the essence of effective UX design. Energized and eager, Talia anticipates the growth and challenges ahead with Key Medium.

Talia Coeshott, Interactive UX Design Associate

As a junior UX designer, I have long anticipated my first opportunity to work on impactful projects, collaborate with talented individuals, and begin my UX career. Starting a new role evoked feelings of nervousness, curiosity, and most of all, excitement. Each day with Key Medium was filled with advancing learning opportunities that aligned with a mutual passion for positive impact, excellence, innovation, sustainability, as well as ownership and determination. By the end of the first week, I would gain a multitude of experiences that would not only shape my career but my perspective on the world. 

The pursuit of excellence was evident from day one. I was immediately given the responsibility to deliver a wireframe and prototype for a redesign that the team had been working on. Asking too many questions was welcomed, to ensure that I was given the proper learning materials to succeed. Nothing less than my best effort was expected, and it was clear that radical truth and honesty were not only encouraged but also celebrated. It was refreshing to be in an environment that valued the process as much as the end result, and where the focus was firmly on meeting the needs of their clients. 

I was also pleasantly surprised by the level of ownership I was entrusted with from the start. Key Medium believed in my potential, and this empowerment fueled my determination to make a meaningful impact. In instances where I needed extra guidance from the team, I quickly learned that taking initiative and being accountable were not just nice-to-haves but crucial attributes to succeed in this dynamic environment.

By the second day, Key Medium CEO and Founder Ali Jaffar had exuded the company’s genuine passion for positive impact by demonstrating how necessary professional and personal growth is. I was inspired by his openness to receive new ideas from me as well as actively encouraging, supporting, and motivating my efforts. Encouraging positive impacts on current and future generations was at the forefront of everything we did, and I quickly understood that Key Medium’s work extends far beyond creating websites or designing interfaces for clients. 

It was easy to see that innovation was the heartbeat of Key Medium, shown by their continuous growth through pioneering better ways to create products, deliver services, and serve clients. Not only did I learn invaluable tools throughout the week, but the team exposed me to innovative technology that would positively impact the efficiency and productivity of my work. Professional growth has also been easily attainable through regular working sessions and discussions. Key Medium has shown me that although innovation is essential in the workspace, it is also a necessary core value used to approach life. 

As the end of the week neared, I learned that striving toward sustainability was a shared responsibility among the team members. It was not just about environmental sustainability but also about thinking long-term in all dimensions of work extending to people, designs, services, places, processes, and profits. Conducting retrospectives to assess Key Medium’s projects’ successes and opportunities for improvement is evidently a regular practice, ensuring that Key Medium’s impact is not just immediate but lasting.

As I navigated my way through my first week, I found myself embracing Key Medium’s core values more and more. The courage to speak up, challenge assumptions, and ask questions was not only welcomed but encouraged. It was clear that each team member’s voice mattered. Looking back on my first week as a UX design intern at Key Medium, I can confidently say that I am part of a team that embodies the core values of passion, excellence, innovation, sustainability, ownership, and determination. Every day presents new opportunities to grow, learn, and contribute to a greater purpose and I feel privileged to be surrounded by individuals who are making a genuine difference in the world through their work. I am truly grateful for this opportunity, and I am eager to contribute my part to the positive impact we strive to create in the world.

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Talia is a graduate of CSU Long Beach with a B.A. in journalism and a background in UX design. A contributor to engaging articles for Long Beach’s publications DIG MAG and LBCC Viking News, Talia also gained valuable experience as a producer for the broadcast TV station Campus Connection. Pursuing a non-traditional path to UX design through Google’s UX Design Certificate program, Talia designed solo passion projects including Life Light, Home Made, and Artistry. Her dedication to problem-solving and creating positive user experiences continue to grow her passion for the world of design and storytelling. Talia finds joy in reading, staying active through regular workouts, and taking courses for personal growth.