Empowering Aspiring UX Designers: Talia’s Internship Journey with Key Medium

Talia recently concluded her Fall UX Design Internship and is advancing in her career as an Interactive UX Design Associate at Key Medium. 

As a UX Design intern, she demonstrated an impressive application of her Google UX Design certificate. Thanks to our partnership with the Google Employer Consortium and the Grow With Google team, their skilled recruiter seamlessly matched Talia’s expertise with Key Medium’s opportunities. Talia demonstrated Key Medium’s core values when navigating through varied responsibilities, which spanned from Heuristic Evaluations and web page design using WordPress and reusable design systems to proficiently managing and editing content across multiple client sites. Her role also extended to managing Key Medium’s social media, conducting site audits utilizing tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and SEMRush, and ensuring web accessibility with the Web Accessibility Evaluation tool. Check out Talia’s initial intern spotlight, where she outlines her top five learning goals that shaped her contributions and insights during her internship.

Beyond her initial responsibilities, Talia expanded her skill set by achieving industry-recognized credentials in digital marketing and SEO from SEMRush, mastering online collaboration through Miro, and completing a comprehensive Figma prototyping masterclass. Under the guidance of Ali, Talia honed her skills in accessibility best practices, SEO, WordPress web design, and much more. She became well-acquainted with project management tools like ClickUp, with a focus on agile methodologies and retrospectives. Her training also encompassed UX design and copywriting best practices, email marketing automation basics with SendGrid, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like GPT-4 for copywriting and editing. Beyond these technical skills, Talia developed essential account management skills, actively participating in client meetings and supporting service delivery with utmost professionalism.

Talia’s Internship Experience as a User Journey Map

UX Design intern Talia's employee journey map at Key Medium

Haley Ingersoll: Project and Account Coordinator for purpose-driven digital agency Key Medium in Philadelphia

Talia Coeshott is a graduate of CSU Long Beach with a B.A. in journalism and a background in UX design. A contributor to engaging articles for Long Beach’s publications DIG MAG and LBCC Viking News, Talia also gained valuable experience as a producer for the broadcast TV station Campus Connection. Pursuing a non-traditional path to UX design through Google’s UX Design Certificate program, Talia designed solo passion projects including Life Light, Home Made, and Artistry. Her dedication to problem-solving and creating positive user experiences continue to grow her passion for the world of design and storytelling. Talia finds joy in reading, staying active through regular workouts, and taking courses for personal growth.