Website redesign and web analytics for the NJ Attorney General’s Office enables record-level fraud reporting

Read on about how we built the new NJ Insurance Fraud website with an accompanying web analytics component which enabled the AG's office to access aggregate data in a unified analytics dashboard.

The New Jersey Insurance Fraud State government website was created with the Attorney General and the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice vis-a-vis the Agency-of-Record and Key Medium. The campaign was launched to spread awareness of the high cost of insurance fraud to community members and state taxpayers.

The problem

Outside of the State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety and the Office of the Attorney General web page on insurance fraud, the state wanted to launch a radio, web, print, and billboard campaign. They wanted a specific online presence that would educate citizens about insurance fraud, explain the seriousness of the crime, and encourage people to report any suspected insurance fraud in the State.

The State government’s standard page has a busy design and it’s difficult to cut out the ‘noise’ of the page to focus on the information a user would need to report insurance fraud.

The solution

Key Medium developed a platform that heightens awareness of insurance fraud while enlisting public support to fight it. The new website has enabled the State to reach unprecedented levels of reporting with its seamless user experience and mobile-first design. Since the website was a new build, it was built with on-page SEO and schema markup so it will continue to perform well over time. 

Web Analytics, Analysis, and Data Science

Key Medium connected the website to an integrated, interactive dashboard, further empowering the Prosecutor’s office with near real-time data and analytics they’ve never before had. This dashboard disabled personally identifiable data from being identified from the private fraud reporting of citizens, insurance investigators, and partners in the New Jersey Criminal Justice System.

Design Strategy and User Experience

The design had to be implemented with usability, experience, and bi-lingual support in mind in keeping with New Jersey State guidelines, dealing with accessibility and privacy. The website design is simple and clean with a limited color palette to keep the focus on the website’s information. The website copy is clean and clearly explains what fraud entails and how to report it.

Key Medium created a website that could gather data without storing any personally identifying data on the platform. The new site is user-friendly and has the correct information architecture to support the structure. The website is connected to dashboards that report metrics.

Strategic Branding and Digital Development

We developed a microsite to enable thousands of fraud reports to be submitted. We allowed for bi-lingual support, an added news section, amplified awareness, and justice to be realized. 


The results

As a result of our website, the New Jersey government achieved record-level reporting which may have led to more prosecution for those who defrauded insurance companies as well as individuals, such as senior citizens defrauded by a caretaker.

  • We increased individual reporting through a more user-friendly form, reaching over 1k fraud reports
  • Increased reports submitted for fraudulent medal practice such as Medicaid misuse, elder care fraud, and medical billing fraud
  • Increased reporting for automobile insurance fraud
  • Increased reporting for illegal prescription use
  • Increased reporting for incorrect worker’s compensation claims

If you want to replicate these results and have a web analytics dashboard attached to your website so you can see results in real-time, get in touch with Key Medium today.