Key Medium Celebrates 4 Years with a Brand Refresh & Redesign: Search Visibility is Up 4,679%



Founded in 2014, Key Medium is a premiere digital agency that creates beautiful, branded experiences for small businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Key Medium has received praise for spearheading the growth of startup companies and lending affordable expertise and services to Philadelphia charter schools and nonprofits.


Websites become stale over time – it happens to the best of us. Literally, us. We needed a unified brand and website redesign badly. We also had a brand identity crisis. We offered a custom video marketing solution, but we also provided web development services and digital strategy.

Not just that, our custom-developed content management system became inflexible.


We implemented our Complete custom website redesign and brand refresh solution. This included:

  • Revamped content strategy with benefits-led messaging
    • We took the time to develop a unified brand strategy. Every form of communication coming from our brand was improved. New marketing collateral was created – in order to convey a memorable, meaningful message that is in tune with our new brand.
  • Search engine optimization
    • We implemented Google best practices fully. Our results speak to that success. We fixed 100% of errors in Search Console and set up redirects from old pages to new pages to retain page authority.
  • Migration to WordPress
    • We also created an exclusive WordPress theme with the latest in mobile-first technology. We also utilized avant-garde design – Google’s material design principles (codename Quantum Paper) – with the development of our new WordPress theme.
  • New brand identity design & development
    • We had to define a unifying color pallette strategy, designing a whole new, integrated brand identity. We made it beautiful.

We also utilized a rapid, creative development methodology – while creating new content, restructuring, and rethinking the breadth of our services.


From brand identity development to website design and optimization for search, our new website started delivering immense value.

Through our services, the new Key Medium website was instantly effective, generating an unprecedented amount of targeted traffic and engagement.

For accurate measurement of impact – especially with search engine optimization (which takes some time to realize long-term ROI) – we’re using data from the previous period (August 30th to September 28th, 2017) compared to the last 30 days (January 23rd to February 23rd, 2018). We started planning the redesign during October, so we’re using these dates for the most accurate statistics. Our results:

Traffic is up 1,096%, sessions are up 761%, and page views have increased by 334%.

Search visibility has seen EXPLOSIVE growth – as we always tell our clients and prospects – it takes time to really see an ROI and a jump in rankings on Google. In our case, we saw a 4,679% increase in impressions. Seriously. It took us 3 months and a lot of hard work.

Increased Search Visibility Case Study

Search traffic is up 14x – In the same timeframe mentioned above, we increased to 37.2k impressions and 127 organic clicks in Google – from 0.8k impressions and 9 clicks.

Our search ranking are increasing daily as we continuously add quality content, innovative solutions like RunningSEO, LegalNear.Me and Key.Video – with our integrated brand approach to web development, brand identity design, web design, and digital strategy.

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