Migrating from our Custom-Developed Content Management System to WordPress

Websites become stale over time – it happens to the best of us. Literally, us.

Key Medium launched in February of 2014 – when I left my job as a consultant. I started off with Twitter Bootstrap, the world’s most popular web framework, and now we are up to using the latest version – Bootstrap 4 Beta v.2. Much has evolved since then. From various bug fixes – to added performance, features, and more – web technology and frameworks are constantly ever-evolving.

Our custom content management system became inflexible – and our content strategy wasn’t working.

We made the switch to WordPress due to a major pain point — an inflexible, harder to manage website. We switched to WordPress and refreshed our brand, unifying our messaging to etch the importance of a great, branded website . After all, your website needs to be a unique experience that spotlights your brand and drives interest, action, and advocacy. Your website is a declaration of who you are, what you believe, and what you have to offer. This fact is our guiding principle, by the way.

About Sleque – Our Exclusive Theme

With our relaunch, we set out to build the most perfomant, delightful theme. This demands that we build on the latest technology and design principles. We selected Bootstrap 4 over Materialize CSS this time. Our reasoning was simple – we aim to use the world’s most flexible, awesome (and popular) web framework as the backbone – kind of like building blocks – of our front-end web technology. It’s quite useful, and allows us to craft an awesome cross-platform experience!

Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll share various technical internal best practices, guidelines, and tips through our Insights Blog to help your organization kill it on the web.

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