Improving search visibility and user experience for a professional employer organization (PEO)

Read how we helped a socially-responsible PEO organization increase search visibility and improve user experience towards greater sales enablement.

  1. Project Kick-off

  2. Research & Discovery

  3. Project Definition / Blueprint

  4. Tactical SEO Implementation & Delivery

See It In Action

Navigate is a socially-responsible ‘Professional Employer Organization’ in Burlington, Massachusets, who come into companies to help them meet their business goals, remove obstacles from reaching those goals, and provide support around HR and business issues. Navigate specialize in HR, benefits, payroll, and risk management consultancy. They also craft custom service packages and boost a company’s ROI by outsourcing key HR functions to its dedicated team of professionals.

Like most companies, they needed a web presence to maximize their ROI and stay competitive in the market. They understood their rankings were diminished because of SEO issues on their website and they hired a marketing company that failed to identify that they had several technical SEO problems that needed addressing, thus the company never corrected the issues, leaving them without the necessary fixes and sub-par user experience.

The problem

Again, Navigate understood that technical SEO and website maintenance issues held them back from ranking higher on Google’s SERP since they had hired the other digital agency to correct their myriad of issues, but, unfortunately, that company didn’t’ deliver. Enter Key Medium. We were there to pick up the slack and run additional tests to ensure Navigate’s website foundations and performance was up to our standards. Our overarching goal was to improve their website performance through our strategic branding and digital development services, which includes all technical fixes, but we took our services a step further by working on their digital strategy and branding, too.

The solutions

Technical fixes 

We worked to correct the thousands (yes, thousands!) of on-page and off-page SEO and technical issues. It took a lot of man-hours, but we also ensured the resolution of mixed-content issues and enhanced security–verifying an authenticated SSL certificate was properly in place along with a web application firewall. We also performed an additional website audit to determine other factors that were harming their rankings. We looked at website accessibility, mobile-first, and technical search engine optimization best practices and included JSON-LD and structured data (also known as schema markup), even enabling voice search schema markup to ensure that the foundations of Navigate’s website were solid and future-ready.

Branding work

After correcting the foundations of the website, we didn’t just leave it there since their overall goal was to increase traffic. We helped Navigate expand its non-branded keyword service offerings by developing improved landing pages and guiding them on where to add keywords to their content to increase lead gen. We consulted about their digital strategy to increase organic search, by helping them understand that keywords to attract their target audience: business owners, HR managers, and HR executives.

We helped Navigate identify high search volume keywords (with lower competition) to incorporate into their content; understand how their web design, development, and navigation affected results; and helped with their sitemap design, refining their overall offerings.

The results

We corrected thousands of website issues through our Tactical SEO project and the results we achieved were staggering. 

  • There was a net gain in position by 10.8 (+23.5%)
  • The expansion of nonbranded keyword coverage increased by 26.6%
  • Organic sessions increased by 121%

If your company is searching for strategic branding and digital development or if your SEO agency left you high and dry, get in touch with Key Medium. No matter your business, sector, or budget, we can get results for you. View our previous successes on our case studies page here.