New Digital Experience Helps Adults with Disabilities Gain Employment in Philadelphia and Delaware

SUCCESS CASE SPOTLIGHT: Community Integrated Services


Community Integrated Services (CIS) empowers people with disabilities by providing individualized employment opportunities. Their mission fosters self-sustainability, equality, and community by partnering with area businesses and organizations. You can find them at


Their old site failed to provide a good experience, was not secure, hard to update, and most importantly- failed to connect with our primary audience: disabled adults entering the workforce. It wasn’t user-friendly and lacked information architecture that made sense–especially for meeting the unique needs of their users, including web accessibility issues.


Working with their unique stakeholders, including community partners, advocates, disabled adults, and local nonprofits, we discussed the scope of the project. As a result of our consultations, we completed a custom website redesign and brand refresh. We worked on their on-page SEO and content strategy, providing a supporting role with improved information architecture. We implemented our complete SEO services. We migrated their website from dated, custom code to WordPress. We also provided clear data analytics with a custom dashboard so they can gauge their own performance in real-time.


Due to its dramatic overhaul in development, design, branding, and messaging, the two-time award-winning website achieved a 17% lift in session time, a lift in sessions by 38%, a lift in unique users by 28%, a 21% lift in traffic from organic search, and a 212% lift in traffic from social channels, successfully improving how the organization connects people with disabilities to career opportunities while providing employers with access to talent.

Key Medium donated the entire project–design, development, and more as part of Coding for Causes, empowering the CIS team to propel their impact immediately after launch.


We re-imagined their entire website and assisted them in improving the flow of their story and branding. We designed large, bold visuals to better connect the dots for their users and prospective clients (those they help gain employment for in Philly and Delaware). We had to make this website user-friendly for two distinct groups which provided unique challenges, but we design with accessibility in mind, especially for the needs of our clients.


Ali Jaffar donated his time to this cause with the Coding for Causes grant program. Here’s what he had to say about the work: “Having the pleasure to work with those who need the most help in our community is an honor and I am thrilled to announce a grant to Community Integrated Services to redesign and build a new site for them, as well as support ongoing efforts to improve their experience to help adults with disabilities in Philadelphia find jobs. We are especially pleased to help as this is a cause close to my heart as someone close to me is on the spectrum and I know just how important it is that people are presented with a seamless experience, large and attractive visuals, and clear information to get the message across. Having a great experience directly impacts how people think about brands, and this brand in specific is one that truly changes the lives of those who need the most help in our community really makes me feel great about the work we do at Key Medium. There’s no other organization more suited for our help and following the complete success of this project where we increase usage by more than thirty-eight percent, I am confident to continue supporting the organization towards their amazing mission: helping Philadelphians with disabilities get to work.”


A letter to Ali from the Executive Director, Susan Schonfeld, said: “First, let us say thank you! Your support of CIS means you understand just how important our work is to the community. Contributing your expertise to our mission will directly benefit citizens of Philadelphia with disabilities by connecting them to employment, which helps them lead fulfilling, independent lives. 

The opportunity to work with you under the Coding for Causes grant program is integral to improving our digital presence, strategy, and ability to connect with our stakeholders. With your support to design and build our website, CIS will be able to focus our resources on what we do best: help Philadelphians with disabilities get to work. Thank you, once again, for your generosity. We are thrilled to have Key Medium as a partner in our work to improve the community.”

David Downey, Business Development Specialist, initially reached out to Key Medium to become an employer partner. Ali recommended C4C and CIS applied shortly after, winning a grant where Key Medium joined CIS as a corporate partner alongside BNY Melon, Target, Whole Foods, The Philadelphia Autism Project, and other awesome partners. Downey noted: “Working with Key Medium has been great. [Ali is] always very professional with a lot of opportunities to provide feedback during the website redesign process. Additionally, [Key Medium provided] continued support for improving branding and media maintenance has taken the situation from good to great.”


We received a Gold Award in dotCOMM’s 2019 international awards competition honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication. The dotCOMM Awards are administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

2019 dotComm Awards-Gold in Pro bono websites


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Ali Jaffar: Web Developer, Designer, Brand Strategist and Optimization Expert in Philadelphia

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