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Project Discovery Roadmapping Session

Here at Key Medium, our #1 priority is creating websites that are uniquely tailored to our clients.

Our affordable discovery roadmapping session and creative process is designed to help us:

  • Understand your organization’s goals.
  • Pinpoint the problems you’re seeking to solve.
  • Highlight the special characteristics of your company that will set you apart from the rest.

Road to Success

Often at the start of a web project, there are a lot of unanswered questions, and the road to success isn’t clear yet. In your session we will explore the project goals and create some solid ideas around the best way to achieve those – within your budget and timescales.

When working with developers to build a website or an application, a specification or requirement document is needed in order to work towards. It acts as the guide for everyone in the project and is like the rulebook of how the product should be built.

Writing these can be hard, particularly if you are not a web developer. In these sessions we work with you closely, talking about your project, finding out what your goals are, in order to get a clear picture of what you are looking to produce.

We will ask lots of questions about the project; ones that we will need to know during the development phase.


The key takeaway from these sessions is a detailed specification document that you can use to pass to any developer or agency to quote for your project. In the case where you would like us to provide a quote for the project, we will use the document too. If you decide to work with us we will discount the cost of these sessions to provide you with maximum value.

  • Do you know roughly what you want, but don’t have the technical expertise to put it in writing?
  • Are you looking for guidance on the best way forward?
  • Do you want to get started on your WordPress project, but don’t know where to begin?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then a roadmapping session might be for you.

How do our roadmapping sessions work? What’s included?

  • Video Conference Call (45 minutes)
    The format of these sessions will usually be done over video calls (we use Zoom), with an initial 45 minute website discovery call to get to know you and your project. Our discovery process is designed to help us understand the needs of your organization, the problems you’re seeking to solve, and the special characteristics of your company that will serve as the building blocks of your brand and set you apart from the rest.
  • Review Notes and Collate Questions
    After the initial call, the Key Medium team will get together to discuss the project and map out the different ways in order to develop the project. From this session comes a lot more questions.
  • Video Conference Call (1 hour)
    For the second conference call, the Key Medium team will then discuss in full detail the ideas generated, along with more in-depth questions about how these ideas will work in reality.
  • First Draft Project Specification Written
    After the second call, we will prepare a Draft Project Specification using collaborative tools so that everyone can see and edit the same document – communicating our thoughts throughout.
  • Video Conference Call (1 hour)
    Once the first draft is ready, we will hold the third conference call to walk you through and present the specification document that we’ve produced. This will be the opportunity to discuss the specification and give feedback on its content.
  • Final Specification Written
    Lastly, the final specification document will be written and delivered to you. This specification document will also include our quote attached with it, which may be used to get quotes from other entities.

Remember, we always discount the cost of the roadmapping session against the project price.

Let’s Roadmap Success Together Ali Jaffar October 22, 2019