Key Medium Named 2019 Local Excellence Award Winner in Philadelphia

Key Medium honored by UpCity as one of the top 20 service providers in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, PA — On August 29, Key Medium announced the company has been named one of the top 20 service providers in Philadelphia as part of UpCity’s Local Excellence Awards.

UpCity is an online Marketplace that helps businesses find B2B service providers they can trust. UpCity’s Local Excellence Award winners are selected based on the UpCity Recommendability Rating, a proprietary algorithm that measures a provider’s credibility, recommendability, and reputation based on digital signals.

View the list of the top service providers in Philadelphia here!

“The strength of our marketplace is built on the credibility of truly excellent providers like Key Medium,” said Dan Olson, CEO of UpCity. “We are pleased to honor Key Medium with a Local Excellence Award in Philadelphia.”

UpCity introduced National Excellence Awards earlier this year and has now launched a local version for the top service providers located in their top ten performing cities which includes; Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Key Medium’s team of local creatives put really great efforts to always be rooted in best-in-class design thinking.

Being user-centric, or human-centered, is imperative for any creative digital agency like Key Medium. It is imperative to understand clients’ needs, their goals, their user’s goals, and what their own end-users experience will be through all touchpoints with a brand.

The Key Medium approach is really all-encompassing and is continuously improving and evolving as the AI-first methodologies implemented mature and merge with the design thinking process, along with the organization’s idea meritocracy. The idea meritocracy is critical to our success and recent honor as it ensures radical honesty, transparency, and a principled-approach to creative problem-solving at every level of the organization and phase of work.

“We are thrilled to accept this great honor of being named as one of just a few of the top leaders in Philadelphia for our commitment to excellence in our work- especially in B2B, government, and purpose-driven design and marketing work with local nonprofit organization,” said Ali Jaffar, CEO of Key Medium. “I’m especially excited about the continuted opportunity to propel select high-impact initiatives to improve the Philadelphia region’s positive impact towards lasting change, for the better.”

UpCity is thrilled that Key Medium was selected as one of the top B2B service providers in Philadelphia as part of our Local Excellence Awards.

With more than 33,000 partners in the UpCity network, it’s no small feat to be considered one of the best! Below we’ve provided a promotional kit that includes a sample press release, sample blog post, and sample social posts to help announce your award to the world.

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About Key Medium

Founded in 2014, Key Medium is an award-winning digital agency that creates beautiful, branded experiences for sustainability-minded businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Key Medium has received praise for spearheading the growth of startup companies and lending affordable expertise and services to Philadelphia’s workforce development board, charter schools, and nonprofit organizations with high-impact missions through the Coding for Causes program. For more about Key Medium, visit or follow on Twitter @KeyMedium.


Ali Jaffar
Key Medium LLC
100 S. Juniper St, Floor 3, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Web Developer, UX Designer, Communicator, Brand Strategist and Search and Conversion Optimization Expert in Philadelphia

Ali Jaffar has been building dazzling websites and creating amazing online experiences for over a decade. His mastery of the latest innovations in web development results in world-class website experiences set apart by show-stopping style and seamless functionality. A sought-after consultant and 50-time award-winning storyteller, UX expert, and web developer — Ali lends his talents to build and bolster digital experiences for a wide array of clients — with a keen focus on web design for nonprofit organizations, B2B, and government agencies. When Ali’s not helping his clients grow or providing pro bono services via his Coding For Causes program, you can find him exploring beautiful open spaces with his dog, working on digital solutions like the Good Jobs Search Engine software, or doing yoga.

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