Project rescue, website redesign and search engine marketing campaign for a local Philadelphia firm

Read about how our project rescue turned into a redesign that fueled nearly 100% rental occupancy with a small search engine marketing and optimization campaign for just over a year.


Temple Villas provides off-campus housing to students attending Temple University in Philadelphia.


The Temple Villas database had been hacked due to a faulty third-party plugin. In addition to security, the company wanted its new site to increase web traffic and in turn, rent more apartments.


Key Medium provided cybersecurity and SEO services following the fallout of the hack, which had created hundreds of spam pages Google had indexed.

To boost traffic, Key Medium added conversion rate optimization along with a website refresh. We added a new page specifically for showings and created and implemented a thorough on-page strategy.

Temple Villas subscribed to monthly maintenance & SEO monitoring package to ensure continued site performance and security for 6-months.

They also invested in monthly PPC and display advertising campaigns to reach potential renters online.


Through targeted advertising, on-page content strategy, and intuitive design, the Temple Villas website was instantly effective, generating:

  • A 50% increase in quality leads (see: lead generation services)
  • Over 130 leads made phone inquiries over 30 seconds long over a 6-month campaign (we declined their offer to renew March 2018)
  • An 18% click-through rate from PPC ads (see: search engine marketing)
  • Increased page views by 120%
  • Increased engagement: +16% pages per session, +12% session duration, and a decrease in bounce rate by 20%
  • Nearly 100% occupancy for Fall 2017