KeyVideo™ Debuts Dec. 21st!

Hyper-engaging video technology by Key Medium.

A few weeks ago, we announced KeyVideo™. We're here today to raise awareness that our awesome video service will be available in less than two weeks - December 21st! You will be able to sign up, login to your dashboard, customize your player, and analyze key metrics -- such as views, lead rate, and so on. Mark your calendars!

    Our aim is to reverberate a brand's messages via hyper-engaging video technology that will work to serve video content through a delightful online presentation; one that matches your brand's profile. But -- this is simply the introduction to the rest of our features -- which are being alpha tested. Upcoming features (planned for Dec. 21st):

    1. Pre-roll lead gateway
    2. Dynamic content suggestion for post-rolls
    3. Call-to-actions for either pre and post rolls
    4. Analytics
    5. Branded video microsites

    About Key Medium

    Key Medium develops tailor-made web experiences crafted with only the latest, innovative technologies and design principles to deliver a unique, sleek & powerful online presentation.

    ## For more information, contact Ali Jaffar via emailtwitter, or via phone. ##

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