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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Princeton Partners


Princeton Partners has been providing strategic, integrated brand and marketing services that builds, strengthens and advances brands so they succeed not just today but over time.


Their new website has been in the works for 3 years and more than a half-dozen people worked on its redesign (read a related piece: budgeting for a professional website redesign). Worse, it was compromised due to numerous vurlerabilities involving faulty third-party plugins – which Google detected and subsequently and urged searchers not to visit the agency website. Search visibility and CTR plummeted overnight.

At the same time, they also needed a new microsite to be developed and launched in time for an outreach campaign they had planned, with postcards being mailed out.

They also had a pro-bono assignment we gladly executed on as part of our Coding for Causes program – to help Young Audiences Arts For Learning to raise funds for it’s awesome cause in New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania – with a new microsite to make the ask for corporate sponsorships. Proceeds for Young Audiences are being raised through an Exclusive Gala.


Key Medium conducted rapid-response website remidiation, WordPress security hardening (SSL and firewall implementation), and implemented measures to mitigate any future attempts.

They also subscribed to a monthly maintenance package to ensure continued site performance and security.

Key Medium provided them with our Website Redesign solution and Search Engine Optimization services.


Princeton Partners’ website overhaul from Key Medium was rapidly & effectively executed. It began delivering results within days – generating:

  • A 65% increase in page views, a 39% increase in website sessions, and an over 26% increase in unique visitors (YoY)
  • Increased user engagement (nearly 10% more sessions per users, a 19% increase in pages per session, and a 21% increase in session duration)
  • Improved search visibility & rapid remediation approval by Google
  • Delivered two microsites on time
  • Successfully executed a priortized, tactical SEO action plan
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