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Premier Branding Agency Website Redesign, SEO and Website Administration



Princeton Partners has been providing strategic integrated brand and marketing services that elevate and evolve premiere brands so they shine in today’s market and chart the path for the future of their industries.

They needed urgent website administration, a redesign, and a search engine optimization strategy to boost website traffic.


While their branding and marketing agency was consumed with creating stellar client campaigns, Princeton Partners’ agency website became an afterthought. More than a half-dozen people worked on its redesign in sporadic intervals over a three-year time period, which resulted in a disjointed website, absent on-page content strategy, and mashup of plugins that affected website security and discoverability.

When Princeton Partners reached out to Key Medium, they were looking for a dedicated team of experts to manage their website needs, so their team could keep their eyes focused on their client base. After a thorough review, Key Medium determined that Princeton Partners’ agency website needed urgent administration, a cohesive redesign, and a traffic-boosting search engine optimization strategy.


Key Medium provided Princeton partners with the following services:

In addition to these popular service packages, Key Medium conducted rapid-response website remediation, WordPress security hardening (SSL and firewall implementation), and implemented measures to mitigate future attempts.


Princeton Partners’ website overhaul by Key Medium began delivering results within days, generating:

  • A 65% increase in page views
  • A 39% increase in website sessions
  • A 26%+ increase in unique visitors year over year
  • Increased user engagement: 10% increase in sessions per user, 19% increase in pages per session, 21% increase in session duration
  • Improved search visibility and rapid remediation approval by Google
  • A tactical, highly prioritized SEO action plan
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