Custom Youtube Player for Websites & Apps

Do you embed YouTube videos often? Use our tool to create a new look that compliments your brand.

Customize Your YouTube Embeds at Net Qualified

Get up and running with a custom-branded, fresh YouTube player. It actually looks nothing like YouTube -- it's that personalized. Brand it with your logo, your website and company theme colors, or make it feel like it's a part of your app.

So, what do we gain out of this? Simply -- recognition and product validation.

We are an up-and-coming internet technology company with quality and excellence as our main priority. We like to be thorough in testing our products before charging for an ounce of service.

Anyone who uses our custom YouTube Player will not be charged, ever. You've got every reason to use our custom video player; we'll even host it on our own infrastructure -- with a 1 Gbps uplink, and the security and reliability a world-class data center offers.

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