We Stand With All Oppressed People

Key Medium denounces racism in all its forms. We see the deeply ingrained inequality that exists in this country and are supremely disgusted by it. We are committed to doing more to expose and eliminate policies that perpetuate racism, including environmental racism and structural inequality.

We strive to do good work, and much of the work we do, especially via Coding For Causes, support people whom are severely disadvantaged. Our team’s mobilization with partners like Community Integrated Services, Community Learning Center, and The Public Interest Law Center is supporting Philadelphia’s workforce, food, and education system.

As we stand with the Black community in the face of unconscionable racially motivated violence, we understand that such violence is aggravated by retrograde, prejudiced policies. We will do better, through our own research and advocacy, to call out these policy failures and to demand reparations.

A brief message from Key Medium’s Founder:

“I support the demand for reparations and will help how I can to amplify movements to that end. As a fellow human who has faced racism and Islamophobia for my Arabian and Muslim background, even though I am an American-born citizen, I can relate a little to the oppression and racism many Black Americans are facing for so long. My Father, a practicing Shi’ite Muslim, escaped execution in Iraq (sentenced to death in absentia) by the Saddam regime who persecuted all opposed to him, especially Shi’ite Muslims. This is part of the ongoing Global Shi’a Diaspora, in which my ancestors have been persecuted for their beliefs for over 1,400 years–and is ongoing to this day by vile state and non-state actors. It also enables me to uniquely empathize with all oppressed peoples around the world. My favorite cousin, Ali, and his father were violently murdered in Baghdad specifically because he was a Shi’a living in a Sunni Muslim neighborhood. The murderers are walking around freely thanks to the Iraqi government’s corruption–like our government in America, they also need systemic reform and greater accountability and transparency. These are just a few personal instances of oppression we face that I wanted to share for the first time publicly. Millions of people continue to face these issues and sectarianism is a form of racism. That said, I maintain an optimistic view on positive change on a societal-wide scale that is underway–towards racial equity and improved socioeconomic status. The values I gained from my Shi’a Muslim upbringing, such as a passion for positive impact, directly contribute to the 20% of profits that I commit to our Coding For Causes program–akin to a tithe.”

Ali Jaffar, Founder

Ali Jaffar: Web Developer, Designer, Brand Strategist and Optimization Expert in Philadelphia

Ali Jaffar has been building dazzling websites and creating amazing online experiences for over a decade. His mastery of the latest innovations in web development results in world-class website experiences set apart by show-stopping style and seamless functionality. A Google Mobile Sites and Google Analytics qualified individual and award-winning web development guru, Ali lends his talents to build and bolster digital experiences for a wide array of clients, with a keen focus on web design for nonprofit organizations. When Ali’s not helping his clients grow or providing pro bono services via his Coding For Causes program, you can find him doing yoga, walking his dog, exploring beautiful open spaces, and enjoying a nice bike ride around Philly.