Improve Google AdWords with the Account Health Feature

“Your Account Health Score for Search measures how well your Search Network campaigns are configured. It comes with a set of recommendations that will raise your score and help your campaigns perform better.”

Google AdWords is a very performant marketing channel for us, as it is for many people. Pay-per-click based advertising like this help drive traffic and growth, and CPA needs to be lower than ad costs to achieve profits. Here’s where Google’s ‘Opportunities’ tabs come in handy with recommendations for improvements — of which, some include:

  • adding site links to ‘make your ad more prominent by adding links to important pages on your website.’ This one recommendation is estimated to improve CTR by 8%, making the ad campaign that much more effective.
  • creating ads in ‘non-serving ad groups’ to increase traffic
  • adding a call extension to increase traffic
  • showing ads on Google Partner sites to extend the reach of your ads to non-Google websites in the Search Network — increasing traffic.
  • using first page bids for high-quality keywords — improving an ad’s CTR
Source: Google AdWords > Opportunities