Government Website Development & Public Relations Campaign Success

SUCCESS CASE SPOTLIGHT: PennDOT Engineering District 6-0

A public information campaign website saved taxpayers over $10,000 and informed 20k consituents.


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) plans, creates, and maintains the state’s multi-faceted transportation system.


PennDOT needed a way to continuously update the public about the fluctuating status of Platt Bridge as it underwent a $60M major rehabilitation.


Key Medium worked directly with the PennDOT’s Engineering District to design, develop, and implement a web-based Content Management System from scratch.


Through their Platt Bridge website and content management system, the team behind Platt Bridge was able to:

  • Save taxpayers over $10,000 by choosing Key Medium’s web development and content management services.
  • Enable staff to easily and efficiently post pertinent information as needed.
  • Cut down on calls and inquiries by providing visitors with a simple and seamless user experience so they could quickly access updates.
  • Engage nearly 20,000 constituents in 2 years.

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